Meditek Stairlift SP100 – The Remarkable Built-In Security Features of this Standing Stairlift

Once your ability to walk the stairs in your house is lessened, and you simply just truly feel like not going upstairs or downstairs a lot anymore, a stairlift might be a distinction between making the most of your total home that you simply know and adore, and only using a small part of it, or maybe moving out much does a stair lift cost

I am able to visualize how the believed of transferring away from your private home is often so uncomfortable. But a stairlift can really support. In the predicament where either your stairs are quite slender, less than about thirty in., or just in case where your existing bodily situation won’t let you correctly and safely and securely bend your knees, a standing stairlift relates to the rescue. And Meditek Stairlift SP100 is a superb instance of this type of standing stairlift.

Let us make one thing crystal clear through the outset: Standing stairlifts are more risky than sitting down kinds. Why? There is certainly fewer support, the rider contains a larger heart of gravity, and there is a greater likelihood of slipping from the lift.

It is so considerably more crucial then for just a standing stairlift to acquire as many basic safety characteristics as possible developed in. This tends to lessen the hazard of damage or accident to a minimum.

Meditek Stairlift SP100 Safety Characteristics

The Meditek Stairlift SP100 Standing Stairlift delivers handsomely on the basic safety features. Let us look at them separately:

The utmost load is limited to a hundred kg. What this means is more protection as standing posture invitations more robust twisting forces around the process. A lower utmost load helps minimize these kinds of forces and boost safety.
The constant strain sensor systems will deliver the whole stairlift to prevent when a single obstacle in its route is detected.
Top adjustable hand rails permit for your utmost convenience and safety when driving.
No hazardous dangling cables thanks to a safe rack-and-pinion drive process.
Overspeed sensor will detect any speed further than the norm and activate the brakes proper absent.
Failsafe brake will continue to keep the stairlift in position properly.

These are definitely just quite possibly the most notable basic safety options on the Meditek Stairlift SP100.

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